“Is this a prank?” – Davido express shock after Abuja residents refused to turn up for his concert

 Nigerian artist Davido took to social media to express his surprise at the low turnout at his much-anticipated Abuja show.  The music star's December 14 event, which was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m., was held at Abuja's famous Eagle Square. Nonetheless, a recent video from the location showed a small crowd. According to a fan in attendance, there were less than 100 people at the location, a stark contrast to the thousands of people expected. Davido was so shocked by the low attendance at his show in Abuja that he took to Twitter to express his disappointment. Feeling a little down, he asked in jest whether it was supposed to be a joke and added in jest that the people of Abuja had discovered him. He tweeted; “Abuja be like ur pple no wan do show. Is this a prank ???.. ABUJA CHOKE !!”

London-based Nigerians hold candlelight vigil for Mohbad at Naira Marley’s UK hood

 A candlelight vigil was held at Naira Marley's hood in London for the late singer, Mohbad, whose death has stung many people deeply. The singer died on September 12th, and his death has since sparked much controversy. His mysterious demise has set off a series of events from protests being led to accusatory fingers being pointed at his former label boss, Naira Marley, and a socialite, Sam Larry. While Nigerians at home are holding a peaceful walk and candle night for the late singer, his memory is also being honored by Nigerians abroad. London-based Nigerians have held a candle night for him at Peckham Square in the UK and his songs were being played by the crowd who all donned black clothing. In reaction, herbiesowyeah said: “When God said touch not my anointed he messed with the wrong person!!!” inosendunamama stated: “Shame on naira, he lost both home and away” rosamudiame said: “Even Peckham don disown Naira Marley. Ti Nira Marley ti ta… lol.. Naira Marley’s own has finished