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5 Reasons To Eat Home-Cooked Food More Often

by Innocent Ezie

5 Reasons To Eat Home-Cooked Food More Often

We sometimes have a hectic lifestyle and eating becomes the least of our priorities. For instance, we eat only when we are meeting someone in a lavish restaurant or snack mindlessly while watching a movie.

Eating home-cooked food is one of the healthiest habits one can cultivate. It has multiple positive effects on the body as well as on the mind. There are many benefits of eating home-cooked food, and in this article, you will learn five reasons why you should eat more home-cooked meals.

1. Nutrition

Restaurants and other commercially prepared foods are notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar. Home-cooked meals, on the other hand, are free from these and you also have the option of replacing certain items with their healthier alternatives. Eating home-cooked meals regularly prepares our palate for simpler and more wholesome foods in the long run. This eventually starts reflecting in our trimming waistlines and overall health.

2. Hygiene

It is extremely difficult to maintain desired levels of cleanliness and hygiene while preparing food at an industrial level. However, careful food handling and cooking techniques generally found at homes tend to keep the meals healthier and our stomachs happier.

3. Appropriate portions

Since childhood, we all have always been taught never to waste food. I followed this rule from childhood and still do, even while eating out with my friends. However, restaurants are famed for their large portions, which ultimately became one of the prime reasons for my overeating and subsequent health issues. While the entire earth is moving towards the Japanese “Hara Hachi Bu” (Eat till you are 8/10th full), it is high time that we, too, made a paradigm shift and changed our eating habits. Eating at home gives us the luxury to customise our portion sizes according to our needs, exclusively.

4. Increased knowledge of food

Do you know which food you should eat when you feel low after those boring day long meetings? A large plate of French fries and a medium portion of rice will have different effects on your body, mind and soul. Since food is our main source of energy, it can have a filling, healing or even negative effect on our bodies. Since home-cooked food is generally nourishing and made from much lesser ingredients, the taste and effects of each ingredient can be thoroughly savoured.

5. Builds healthy habits

Eating home-cooked meals jump-start a lot of good habits which prove to be beneficiary throughout the life.

Of course, not everyone can cook. A lot even find it lazy to cook and just prefer to eat outside, while some could be as a result of hectic lifestyle. However, we hope, with this article, you have seen convincing reasons why you should eat home-cooked food more often.

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