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5 Ways To Manage Tension In Your Relationship This Festive Season

by Innocent Ezie


We have gotten to that time of the year – the festive period! Stress levels are always on the rise during this time, as everyone feels the need to enjoy a perfect Christmas.

Some people, though, may be newly single and apprehensive at the prospect of being alone at such a family time.

Others may have relationship issues, concerns about visitors and in-laws or may be worried about spending extended time with their partner.

Whatever the case may be, let’s look at five ways to manage tension in your relationship this festive season.

1. Accept invitations if you’re alone

Acquaint others with your situation and allow them to include you in their plans. Be a good guest and you’ll be a welcome addition to their home. If you’re partnered, it can be good to accept invitations and introduce a change of activity, conversation and scenery.

2. Don’t expect everything to be perfect

It’s an impossible ideal, placing undue pressure on yourself and others. Besides, it’s often the mishaps that become an affectionately remembered part of family folklore.

3. Present a united front

Even if you disagree in private, support each other and save serious conversations for a more private time when you’re alone. Be quick to apologize if you’re in the wrong or have said too much. Be loyal and gracious.

4. Get people involved

Rather than one person insisting on doing everything and becoming tired and resentful, make the festive preparations more inclusive and fun. Even children can have tasks, like folding napkins. They’ll often take pride in their responsibilities. Ask your mother-in-law to cook the dish she’s ‘famous’ for, or encourage others to organise a quiz or game of charades. Give them credit for their efforts.

5. Include yourself in your timetable

You’ll enjoy Christmas more and be less stressed if you dedicate an occasional 30 minutes to a relaxing bath or reading a book. Ask overnight guests to babysit for a few hours so you can go out, chat and enjoy some festive time together.

These five tips will surely help you to manage tension in your festive relationship. So, ensure you try them out.

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